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CCC is a 501(c)3 Reigous Organization

CCC Annual Discount Card - Get yours today !  $10 good until March 15, 2019


Support CCC - Scrip Program

CCC/C participates with Great Lakes Scrip Program

Your purchase of gift cards (scrip) through the choir benefits the choir by helping to keep costs down to participating families. Your cost is exactly the same for the cards as if you purchased at the store but the choir gets the cards at discounts between 1.5% - 18%.

Please contact the choir office for more details.

Below is a link to the order form. It contains the top retailers as purchased by our supporters last season CCC Scrip Order Form To see a complete list of available scrip please click here for the Master list. If you would like to order scrip that is not listed on our order form just write it in. We will be happy to get any scrip from the master list

WHAT IS SCRIP? Negotiable gift cards (just like cash) or gift certificates.

WHY BUY SCRIP from CCC? You purchase the cards at full face value but as a non profit organization we buy the scrip for you at a substantial discount. The choir retains the difference for our programs.

HOW CAN THIS WORK? It is shopping cart fundraising made simple. You buy the scrip from the choir for things you will purchase anyway - groceries, gasoline, restaurants, clothing, gifts and more.

HOW DOES IT WORK WITH CCC? We purchase the cards you need every other week. It only takes about 1 week to receive the cards. TRY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT !

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